We’ve Been Keeping A Secret

Hey girl! We’ve been keeping a secret and I think it’s time we let you in on it! Since November last year we have been diving in and learning the world of fashion design. Why fashion design? Because we have been working on our own timeless fashion label! Yes, you heard it right! We are in the process of designing and manufacturing our own timeless fashion brand. It's been quite a journey, and we are excited to finally let you in on it.

You may be wondering, what got us started on this journey. The vision for our brand from the beginning began with the dream to design timeless fashion, and paired with our desire to get fashion back to it’s roots, our new adventure began. Since I’m telling you our secret now that must mean we are getting close to launching, right? Um yeah not even close. With Isla Boutique still requiring a lot of time put into it, this journey has taken us a lot longer to get started than we initially planned and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Because of the set backs we’ve faced we have grown personally, learned that we can't rush the process, and that everything good happens in it’s time. As Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”


Although we're not close to launching yet, we wanted to bring you along on this journey by sharing a glimpse behind the scenes. So, let's get you caught up on our story.

For those of you who are new to us, welcome! Allow me to introduce us. I'm Brittany, and my mom's name is Suzanne. Somethings you should know about us is we are a mother-daughter team who love the Lord, fashion, and the ocean! We started Isla Boutique because my mom with her entrepreneurial spirit was always looking for a new business to start and I had always dreamed of going to fashion school, but wasn’t sure if school was the right for me anymore. There is a lot more story behind that which I will talk about in another post but that’s basically what got us started. Since entering the fashion industry we have seen so much that has led us to realize how far fashion has gotten from it’s roots and we want to bring it back!

When we began our journey in 2020, our brand was originally called Isla & Saige. And now, as we start this new chapter, we are returning to our roots and reviving the name Isla & Saige for our timeless fashion label. The name Isla holds a deep significance for us and our brand. It’s meaning “Devoted to God” reflects our commitment to always stay devoted to Him. Additionally, the name Isla also means "Island," which resonates with us as we have a deep love for the ocean and everything coastal. We find beauty and inspiration in the coastal lifestyle, and we incorporate that essence into our brand. Saige, on the other hand, simply sounded pretty and complemented Isla.


As we’ve been involved in the fashion industry these last three years, we've come to realize how far it has strayed from its roots. We believe that fast fashion is not only harming the planet but also the industry itself. That's why we want to be a part of the movement to bring fashion back to its glory days. Our vision is to design and manufacture a fashion line that is timeless, sustainable, and made in the United States. We understand that we have a long road ahead, but we believe that nothing worth having comes easy.

To us, Isla & Saige is not just a fashion brand; it's a lifestyle. Every piece we create will be infused with intentionality and inspired by the coastal lifestyle we adore. We aim to create beautiful, timeless garments that remind us of the coast and embody a thoughtful, intentional approach to life. Our hope is to build our brand into a community of like-minded women who are brought together by their shared love for fashion and living life to the fullest.

As I briefly mentioned our designs will reflect a timeless and coastal aesthetic. We want our pieces to make you feel like it's summer year round, even when you are wearing cozy sweaters! If you appreciate chic garments made of luxurious fabrics like linen, and you believe in investing in pieces that will be closet staples for years to come, then you're already one of us, and we love you!

We hope our vision is something you love and that you will join us on this exciting journey to bring fashion back to its roots. I will be posting updates here as often as I can, sharing everything we learn, work on, and experience along the way. While I can't promise a fixed posting schedule, my goal is to update once a week. However, please bear with me if life gets in the way! If you want to stay in the loop and be notified of my latest posts, make sure to join our email list or follow us on Instagram.

Thank you for listening, and we can't wait to have you by our side as we set sail on this incredible adventure!




What to look forward to


As we learn you learn. We are diving deep into sustainability in the fashion industry, and are immersing ourselves in the knowledge of it through books, classes, and articles. We are determined to understand the impact of sustainability on fashion and uncover ways to foster its growth within our brand. Through ongoing learning, we will share what we discover and detail our plans to implement sustainable practices.


Starting this September, we are working with a talented designer to curate the brand of our dreams. Together, we will work to translate our brand identity into the world of timeless fashion, and bring it to life through captivating visuals and collateral. Throughout the process, I'll be sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the steps we take to make it all happen. Stay tuned for the big reveal when we launch our new branding – we can't wait to share the final result with you!

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Obviously we can’t show you our designs yet but we will show the process of turning our creative visions into reality. From the classes we take to enhance our skills to sourcing the perfect fabrics and trim, we will share behind-the-scenes articles on every step of the manufacturing process. Stay tuned as we discuss finding the right contractors, pattern-making, sample creation, grading, cutting, and more. Get ready for an inside look at the effort and passion that goes into bringing our designs to life!

Get ready for an intimate glimpse into the life of our brand! Beyond sharing our process and the valuable lessons we learn and implement, I'll keep you updated on all the exciting happenings each week. From behind-the-scenes peeks into our creative process to milestones, challenges, and triumphs, you'll get to know us on a deeper level. Stay connected as we open up and share way too much about our brand's journey. Get ready to join us every step of the way!