What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas, Except for Our Amazing Buying Trip

Hey there fashionistas! It's me, the founder of Isla Boutique, and I'm here to dish on our latest gossip straight from our buying trip to Las Vegas. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the juicy details!

Vegas Day 1

First things first, we made some serious connections with new brands that are going to rock your world. We did a lot of searching to find the right ones, so you can count on the best fashion and quality. And, get ready for this, we attended some trainings that are going to help us with a secret project we are working on. Shhh, it's top secret for now, but you won't want to miss out!

Vegas Day 2 + Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day with The Boutique Hub

Although we spent most of the day walking around, we got to meet other boutique owners and make some new friends. We're part of this amazing organization called The Boutique Hub and we even attended a Valentine's Day get-together. Talk about a great way to meet new people!

On top of that, we met the owners of a high-end summer purse brand and instantly became besties. We shared stories, laughs, and drinks and it was a dream come true. And don't even get me started on the food. We enjoyed the best Italian cuisine and indulged in the most delectable desserts that were out of this world.

Two women sitting on a comfortable couch in front of a pink heart backdrop, both smiling and enjoying themselves. The woman on the left is wearing a white babydoll dress, while the woman on the right is dressed in houndstooth knit pants and a basic white long sleeve top. They appear to be relaxed and happy in each other

Vegas Day 3

Two custom Gigi Pip hats on display. One hat is cream with a blue floral ribbon tied around it, while the other is a light pink hat with a white ribbon. The hats are beautifully crafted and show intricate details. They appear to be high-quality and stylish accessories
A black hat truck with shelves displaying hats both inside and outside. The truck appears to be a mobile hat store, with a variety of different styles and colors of hats on display. The shelves are neatly organized and the truck is parked outside, possibly at a market or fair.

But, the fun didn't stop there. On day 3, we got to make our own custom Gigi Pip Hats and had an absolute blast doing it. After finishing up our buying early that day, we walked around Vegas and found a beautifully decorated Mexican restaurant that was to die for. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was so much fun.

T wo bowls of creamy clam chowder topped with a freshly baked, delicious-looking biscuit. The chowder is filled with chunks of clam and vegetables, and is served in a rustic bowl. The biscuit is golden brown and has a flaky texture.
A dish of spinach and artichoke dip served with slices of herb pita bread. The dip is green and creamy, with visible pieces of spinach and artichoke. The pita bread is toasted and seasoned with herbs, and is sliced into wedges for easy dipping.

And let's not forget about the Vegas Nordstrom Cafe. We finished our last day by getting the best clam chowder and artichoke dip before heading to the airport. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable trip.

Overall, we had a blast bonding and sharing an experience we'll never forget. We can't wait for our next buying trip in Vegas!

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